How much does the Isagenix program cost?

The Isagenix 30 Day System, which is the cornerstone of our products, is $268 (when you pay a 29 enrollment fee you will enjoy wholesale pricing, and get your products every month if you chose to) plus tax and shipping.  Expect your first order to cost around $300.  Now…before you think it is too expensive, take a step back and think about this:  How much money are you spending on crap food every month?  Sit down and do your budget.  (I recommend as a great source to work your budget out)  It wouldn’t surprise me that you were spending hundreds of dollars on food every month.  This 30 day system replaces *68 meals during the course of the month.  Not only replaces them, but replaces them with awesome nutrition.  And it’s something you can do on remote control…grab a shake, head out the door.  Your body will love you for it.

The other program to start with is the 9 Day Deep Cleansing & Fat Burning program which costs only $132.95 wholesale (member) or $141.95 retail. Great way to try the products. Remember, it took longer than 9 days to build the body you have now, after 9 days you will see a change, but lots to be done after the 9 days. I hope it encourages you to begin your journey! Click Here for 10 Free Cleansing Tips to get you started.

Isagenix has a system in place to get your products for free…how, start your program and invite 2 friends to do this with you. This will be great support for everyone, loads of fun ! Watch here how that works.

Learn How To Get Your Products Paid For (You+2 Them+2)

Other Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss System Cost Per Week
Jenny Craig $137.65
Nutrisystem $113.52
Atkins Diet $110.52
Weight Watchers $306.64
Zone Diet $302.84
Ornish Diet $78.74
South Beach Diet $78.61
Slim Fast $77.53
HCG $75.00
Meal Movement $74.25
Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse $62.50




Isagenix Price:   Buy Isagenix at Retail price, Associate / Wholesale  price, or Rewards price.

All Isagenix Products may be purchased at three different price levels:  Retail PriceAssociate / Wholesale Price, or Rewards Price.  Choose the price option which best fits your needs.  Whether you choose to buy Isagenix products at Retail price,  Associate / Wholesale price,  or  Rewards Price you will receive a 30 day product money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase  (does not include membership fee, taxes or shipping costs )    So now it is your turn to select the products you want to try, at the price YOU want to pay, on YOUR terms !

Don’t forget your 10 FREE Cleansing Tips! 


GOOD                     RETAIL PRICE                        No Annual Membership  Required – Purchase what you want, when you want at Suggested Retail price



BETTER             ASSOCIATE / WHOLESALE            $39 Annual Isagenix Associate Membership   ( Canada and USA )

- Receive Wholesale prices for an entire year. Buy what you want, when you want. Lower price than Retail Price - No Minimum Purchase required. You place orders when you want using your own Personalized website – Ability to opt in at any time to earn rebates on your purchases or take advantage of the Isagenix Business   Opportunity at a later date. – No Contracts. No Obligations. *Free personalized Isagenix Independent Associate website !



BEST                 REWARDS / AUTO SHIP                $29 Annual Isagenix Associate Membership  ( Canada and USA)

- Receive LOWEST price on all Isagenix Products for an entire year – Auto ship can be cancelled at any time without penalty or additional fees – No Contracts. No Obligations. Fully Flexible - Adjust or change items in autoship at any time… even change date of next order using your Personalized Website – Option to participate in Isagenix Business Opportunity *Free personalized Isagenix Independent Associate Website

To order direct from Isagenix ,call 1 877 877 8111 or  480 889 5777 

Mention Monique Doorn iD#8974949  and to enjoy the best pricing join as an associate :-)

Ask for Weight loss solutions: 30 day Cleanse and Replenish :-)



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