How much does the Isagenix program cost?

The Isagenix 30 Day System, which is the cornerstone of our products, is $272 (when you pay a 29 enrolment fee you will enjoy wholesale pricing, and get your products every month if you chose to) plus tax and shipping.  Expect your first order to cost around $300.  Now…before you think it is too expensive, take a step back and think about this:  How much money are you spending on crap food every month?  Sit down and do your budget.  (I recommend as a great source to work your budget out)  It wouldn’t surprise me that you were spending hundreds of dollars on food every month.  This 30 day system replaces *68 meals during the course of the month.  Not only replaces them, but replaces them with awesome nutrition.  And it’s something you can do on remote control…grab a shake, head out the door.  Your body will love you for it.


Fun Fact :Isagenix will replace the food you are normally eating thus less monthly groceries cost!

Fun Fact: How many times do you eat lunch out or do you pick up that Star Bucks???

The other program to start with is the 9 Day Deep Cleansing & Fat Burning program which costs only $148.00 wholesale (member) or $214.00 retail. Great way to try the products. Remember, it took longer than 9 days to build the body you have now, after 9 days you will see a change, but lots to be done after the 9 days. I hope it encourages you to begin your journey!

Isagenix has a system in place to get your products for free…how, start your program and invite 2 friends to do this with you. This will be great support for everyone, loads of fun ! Watch here how that works.


Other Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss System Cost Per Week
Jenny Craig $137.65
Nutrisystem $113.52
Atkins Diet $110.52
Weight Watchers $306.64
Zone Diet $302.84
Ornish Diet $78.74
South Beach Diet $78.61
Slim Fast $77.53
HCG $75.00
Meal Movement $74.25
Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse $62.50




Isagenix Price:   Buy Isagenix at Retail price, Associate / Wholesale  price, or as Preferred Customer.

All Isagenix Products may be purchased at three different price levels:  Retail PriceAssociate / Wholesale Price, or Preferred Customer  Choose the price option which best fits your needs.  Whether you choose to buy Isagenix products at Retail price,  Associate / Wholesale price,  or  Preferred Customer you will receive a 30 day product money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase  (does not include membership fee, taxes or shipping costs )    So now it is your turn to select the products you want to try, at the price YOU want to pay, on YOUR terms !

The Best Price is the Associate Price, since you will earn back rebates. Even if you have not decided yet if you want to refer the products, most likely people are going to ask you about your results and by telling what you are doing, you will earn a rebate back. Refer 2 people in 1 week and Isagenix pays you $150!


Your Options to get started:

GOOD                     RETAIL PRICE                        No Annual Membership  Required – Purchase what you want, when you want at Suggested Retail price


BETTER             Preferred Customer / WHOLESALE            $29 Annual Isagenix Associate Membership   ( Canada and USA, Australia, New Zealand )

- Receive Wholesale prices for an entire year. Buy what you want, when you want. Lower price than Retail Price - No Minimum Purchase required. You place orders when you want using your own Personalized website. – No Contracts. No Obligations. *Free personalized Isagenix Independent Associate website ! No saving up points  BV for products that you buy, which if you are an associate you do. Saving up BV is money back into your pocket.


BEST                 REWARDS / AUTO SHIP                $29 Annual Isagenix Associate Membership  ( Canada and USA, Australia and New Zealand)

Receive LOWEST price on all Isagenix Products for an entire year – Auto ship can be cancelled at any time without penalty or additional fees – No Contracts. No Obligations. Fully Flexible - Adjust or change items in autoship at any time… even change date of next order using your Personalized Website – Option to participate in Isagenix Business Opportunity *Free personalized Isagenix Independent Associate Website. Refer 2 people in 1 week and receive $150 back, in any given week if you refer 2 people after the first 2 you receive $100

My Name is Monique Doorn and I am a registered Nutritionist.To connect with me for any question text to 647 390 2159 or e-mail me at, I will respond within 24 hours or faster :-)

To order direct from Isagenix ,call 1 877 877 8111 or  480 889 5777 

Mention Monique Doorn iD#8974949  and to enjoy the best pricing join as an associate :-)

Ask for Weight loss solutions: 30 day Cleanse and Replenish :-) Or any pack above and let’s get you started.

Bonus: Once you join you can expect a call from me and a daily  e-mail for 30 days, with tips, recipes and lots of great value!

Monique Doorn  647 390 2159    Facebook support page    Products and Get started info page.


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